Black business in the name of red blood in Prayagraj, When the youth went to return the blood to TB Sapru Blood Bank, the employees disclosed, the gang giving poison in the name of blood | One unit of blood left after death went to the blood bank to return the relative, then it was found out that it is fake.

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  • Black Business In The Name Of Red Blood In Prayagraj, When The Youth Went To Return The Blood To TB Sapru Blood Bank, The Employees Disclosed, The Gang Giving Poison In The Name Of Blood

Prayagraj3 hours agoWriters: Manish Mishra

Medical superintendent of Bailey Hospital, Dr. MK Akhouri told that fake blood bags are being sold in the name of blood banks after filling them with blood. Police have been informed.

Shocking disclosure of fake blood businessman in Prayagraj. On Friday, the kin of a patient took 2 units of blood from a broker at a nursing home here. The patient died shortly after boarding just one unit. On saving one unit of blood, the relative of the deceased went to return it to the Government TB (Tejbahadur Sapru) i.e., Belly Blood Bank. There the employee checked. It turned out that this blood was not from his blood bank. That is, the blood bank whose sticker was put on the blood packet was not from there.

Actually, a patient named Irshad Ali was being treated in a private nursing home. He was a respiratory patient, he was suffering from asthma. The blood group was O positive. Relatives told that the doctor said that the patient will have to transfuse two units of blood immediately. Through the nursing home, the attendant contacted a broker and brought two units of blood at the rate of Rs 8,000 per unit and gave it to the doctor. One unit of blood was also transfused to the patient. Meanwhile the patient died.

The one unit of blood that was left was covered with a belly blood bank wrapper. In such a situation, the relative of the deceased took him to the Belly Blood Bank. The blood was seen as black only after seeing the apprehension, when it was matched in the register, then the blood bag number was found wrong. The name of the patient was not found in the register also.

Brokers are selling blood by making fake blood bags.

Brokers are selling blood by making fake blood bags.

Medical superintendent said – there will be an inquiry
Dr. MK Akhouri, Medical Superintendent of Bailey Hospital told that some gangs are doing the business of fake blood. Those who take the Timdardars into their trap. Fake blood bags are being made and sold by filling fake blood in the name of blood bank. The matter has come to notice. Police was informed.

rampant blood trade
In the name of blood in the district, some gangs are involved in large scale racketeering. Even before this, the employees of this blood bank had exposed fake blood. Dr. Uttam, in-charge of the blood bank, says that many such cases have come. These gangs are not deterring from their handiwork. They get the wrappers of all the government blood banks of the city printed and pasted on the blood bags and illegally filling them with blood without testing and selling them at a higher price.

Selling and buying blood by giving money is a crime.
Bailey Hospital’s CMS Dr. Kiran Malik said that both selling and buying blood by paying money is a crime. If any needy person needs blood. So he should directly contact the blood bank. When blood is taken through a broker, untested or adulterated fake blood is given, which proves to be fatal for the patient.

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