Vidarbha Gyan Science | Independent setup of examinations in Vimvi, 10 crore approved for service facilities

Amravati. The Government Vidarbha Gyan Vigyan Sansthan (VMV), which has research facilities along with higher education, is moving towards its centenary year. On this festival, necessary funds are being provided by the government for the development of research and study facilities here. To make these works quality, the District Collector Pavneet Kaur gave instructions for … Read more

Students said there was scoring paper, mistakes in many questions

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Analysis 2021: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the Class 12 Computer Science paper (Class 12 Computer Science paper) on Tuesday. The 12th students and teachers found the paper (12th Computer Science paper) easy and scoring. However, mistakes were also seen in many questions of the paper. CBSE … Read more

Science will be easily understood through experiments | Science will be easily understood through experiments

Block level workshop organized on quality education and practical activities of science subjects was organized in Government Higher Secondary School, Umranala. Science, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture teachers participated. The aim of the workshop was to make science subjects easy to teach to the children and to make maximum use of practical medium. Principal WR Khapre, Jagdish … Read more

Science Facts Know Science Behind Air and How air changed direction know all reasons behind this | Have you ever wondered how this wind blows and then how does its direction keep changing?

When you come out of your room, you understand whether the wind is blowing today or whether the wind is strong or slow. But, have you ever wondered why this wind blows and why does its direction keep changing. Air always moves from high pressure area to low pressure area. When you come out of … Read more

Is It Safe to Eat Sprouted Potatoes know the science behind it | Precaution! If you also eat sprouted potatoes, then be alert, read how it increases the risk of life

Is It Safe to Eat Sprouted Potatoes: If you also use sprouted potatoes, then be alert. The report of the National Capital Poison Center says, throwing away the sprouted potatoes is a better option. Why is sprouted potato harmful to health, how to understand its effect and how dangerous it can be? Know the answers … Read more

Why airplane windows have tiny holes know the science behind it | This little hole made in the window of the airplane is of great use, but what does it do, do you know?

Why airplane windows have tiny holes: While traveling by air, sometimes your eyes must have gone to its window. You will see a small bleed hole in the lower part of the window. Ever wondered why this hole is given. Know, what is its function? 1/5 The passengers sitting in the airplane prefer to sit … Read more

Chhattisgarh: Indian Institute of Science Research On Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and Peak | In Chhattisgarh, only those with weak immunity will be most ill in February

Raipur11 hours ago The speed with which the third wave of corona has increased will also end at the same speed. Experts from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) have predicted this on the basis of a mathematical model. According to this, the peak of the third wave will … Read more

Scientists Did Amazing Work During The Corona Period: Jitendra Singh

hear the news hear the news Mohali. Even during the last two years of the Corona period, scientists have made amazing efforts in the agriculture sector and have made achievements by making new inventions. This information was given by Executive Director Ashwani Parik in his address on Tuesday during a workshop titled ‘Food Production Amidst … Read more

Now will not be studying science In every government +2 school | Now science will not be taught in every government plus two school

Ranchi. Now science will not be taught in every government +2 school in the state. There will be separate schools for Arts, Science and Commerce. The state government has agreed on this. Such schools are being identified based on the availability of students and teachers. This situation has come due to the shortage of teachers … Read more

India to host 5 events as part of BRICS Science Technology Innovation Steering Committee

In the 15th STI Steering Committee meeting on Monday, it was decided that India will host five events this year under the Science Technology Innovation (STI) Steering Committee of BRICS. India has handed over the chairmanship of BRICS to China from January 2022. New Delhi, Pretr. India will host five events this year under the … Read more