Dearness Allowance rises by 50 percent Conveyance Allowance rise by 25 percent each time

New Delhi, Business Desk. The government has drastically increased the Conveyance Allowance of doctors. There has been a manifold increase in allowances, especially for car-driven doctors. Now they will get maximum allowance of Rs 7150 per month. At the same time, the allowance has also been increased for the doctors running by two wheeler and public transport.

Which doctors will come in this circle

The rate of conveyance allowance was under consideration for Central Health Service (CHS) doctors working in hospitals/pharmacy/stores in CGHS units under the central government. Now it has been decided to increase the amount of conveyance allowance per month to the Central Health Service doctors. Also, every time dearness allowance is increased by 50 percent, the amount of conveyance allowance will increase by 25 percent. As in respect of other DA linked allowances.

Allowance will be given only after coming to the hospital 20 times

Every specialist/general duty medical officer is required to pay an average of 20 visits to the hospital at least 20 times in a month or 20 outside his normal duty hours. However, where the number of hospital visits is less than this minimum limit of 20 but not less than 6, there should be reduction in conveyance allowance. It will be minimum Rs 375, Rs 175 and Rs 130 per month. If the number of home visits or hospital visits falls below six, no allowance will be admissible.

Certificate to be submitted along with monthly salary bill

Every specialist/medical officer claiming conveyance allowance will have to produce a certificate that he/she is fulfilling all the conditions along with the monthly pay bill. No conveyance allowance will be admissible while on duty, on leave and during any temporary transfer. Medical officers/specialists who are drawing conveyance allowance at the lowest rate and who do not maintain motorcar or motorcycle/scooter will also have to produce a certificate along with the pay bill.

Not entitled to receive daily allowance or mileage allowance

Specialist/Medical Officer drawing conveyance allowance shall not be entitled to draw any daily allowance or mileage allowance for traveling on official duty within a radius of 8 kms or more within the municipal limits of the city. In the case of specialists posted at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital under CGHS, conveyance allowance as per this order will be admissible to those who have been allotted multiple posts.