People organized Havan in Muzaffarpur, said – we do not trust science anymore | People in Muzaffarpur said – Medical science is unable to fight the new variant, Havan has spiritual significance

Muzaffarpur4 minutes ago

People organized Havan in Muzaffarpur.

The speed of corona is increasing in Bihar. In the third wave, on Friday, for the first time in 24 hours, the number of positive cases crossed 65 hundred. At the same time, to avoid the spreading effect of Corona, people have come down to superstition. To avoid corona from people in Muzaffarpur, tried to drive away corona by performing havan-worship.

Describing medical science as a hoax, people performed a havan in Sikandarpur Kundal to avoid corona. During this many people gathered on the spot. At the same time, while performing the Havan, Deepak Kumar alias Deepak, National President of the Bharatiya Garibraj Party, said, ‘The way the situation of Corona in the country is clear, it clearly shows that the medical system is completely incapable of defeating the third variant of Corona. In view of the same, the people of the party’s managing committee decided to conduct a havan in the name of God.

He told, ‘Havana has not only spiritual but scientific significance. The powerful elements which are spread in the atmosphere by the Havan, easily destroy innumerable diseases and germs roaming in the air. Yagya is a collective remedy to avoid common diseases and epidemics.

Havan was performed in Sikandarpur Kundal of Muzaffarpur to avoid corona.

Havan was performed in Sikandarpur Kundal of Muzaffarpur to avoid corona.

He told, ‘For the last two years, the country is in the grip of corona, but science has not been able to control the disease. We no longer trust science. So we have to go back to our old method. Any medicine can save a limited space and limited persons from diseases, but the air of Yagya reaches everywhere and also protects the living beings.

8 months broken record

On Friday, 6,541 new corona infected patients have been found in the state. With this, the number of active patients in the state has increased to 34,084, ie Bihar has crossed the peak of the first wave of corona. In the first wave of corona, maximum 32,716 active patients were in the state, after which the cases started decreasing. The maximum number of 2,116 newly infected patients have been identified in Patna on Friday. Muzaffarpur is in second place, where 427 new patients have been found.

For the first time after May 20, 2021, more than 6,500 cases have been found in Bihar, when 6551 new patients were found. Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department, Pratyaya Amrit said that if we look at the trend of the last four-five days in Patna, there has been no big jump here.

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