People Performed Havan In Muzaffarpur To ‘escape’ Corona, Said – Scientist Failed, We Do Not Trust Science Ann | Bihar News: To ‘escape’ Corona, people performed Havan in Muzaffarpur, said

Muzaffarpur: Corona infection is spreading very fast in the state and the country. Millions of people are getting infected everyday. In such a situation, people are raising questions on medical science on one hand. On the other hand, all the scientists are constantly trying to find a surefire remedy for corona. But in the midst of all these situations, there is a section of the society which feels that Corona can be driven away by Havan and worship.

Havan done to get rid of the epidemic

They believe that by performing Havan, the virus spread in the environment can be killed. This incident is from Muzaffarpur in the state, where some people organized a havan on Friday for the prevention of corona, so that the corona virus is destroyed. On the day of Makar Sankranti, a havan was performed by the local people in the Kundal area of ​​the city to drive away the corona so that the corona epidemic could be got rid of.

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people said this

Deepak Sahni, a local person doing havan, believes that the country has been in the grip of Corona for the last two years. But science has not been able to control the disease. All scientists are failures. Now if science is failing in this, then we will have to return to our old method, under which we used to remove the epidemic by purifying our environment by performing Havan at the time of epidemic.

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