Swing and Boat Club of 7 Variety in Entertainment Zone of Swadeshi Fair, 5000 people coming daily | 7 varieties of swings and boat clubs in the entertainment zone of Swadeshi Fair, 5 thousand people coming daily

Raipur10 months ago copy link Indian Marketing Development Center has organized Swadeshi Fair in Science College Campus, more than 100 stalls here Swadeshi Mela has been organized by Indian Marketing Development Center at Science College Ground. Companies from different sectors like outfits, home decorators, furniture, automobiles and real estate have set up more than 100 … Read more

E-sports Viewership Grew Online Gaming during Coronavirus Lockdown Sports Events Affected News Updates | Viewership of e-sports grew by 37% from the previous quarter, with 8 million people logging in daily

Hindi News Sports E sports Viewership Grew Online Gaming During Coronavirus Lockdown Sports Events Affected News Updates game desk2 years ago copy link Several NBA stars, including Kevin Durant and Luka Donkich, have started participating in the ‘NBA 2K2020’ league for charity. Sports activities are closed in almost all countries of the world due to … Read more

Mutual Funds To Become A Millionaire, You Have To Deposit Rs 100 Daily, Know The Details

Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are becoming a popular investment option. People are preferring to invest more especially in Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Through SIP, even those people who do not have a large amount to invest can make a big fund. Today we will tell you about some mutual fund schemes giving … Read more

NCB gave science book to Shahrukh Khan son aryan to read food being fed daily in National Hindu restaurant

Aryan Khan, son of film actor Sharukh Khan, is currently in the custody of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) till 7 October. According to the information received from the sources, the investigating agency has given him a science book to read, which he himself had demanded. This information has been given by quoting sources in an … Read more

Biggest Daily Drop on Stock Market Since April this year – Business News India

The stock market fell for the fourth consecutive day on Monday. This is the biggest single day fall in the stock market since April this year. Due to this fall, investors have lost Rs 7.86 lakh crore in a single day. This has been said in a report by Economic Times. Along with the broader … Read more

Business Tips Banana Chips Business You Can Earn 4 Thousands Daily By Selling Banana Chips – Business Idea: If you are tired of a job, then start this business, earning more than 4 thousand rupees every day

Rupee – Photo : pixabay There is a fixed amount of earning in a job and the work load is high. In such a situation, a person becomes very limited. On the other hand, the risk in business is slightly higher, but the profit is very good. In this episode, today we are going to … Read more

Start banana chips making business earn daily 4k rupees and monthly 1 lakh earning samp

New Delhi. If you are also planning to start a new business, then it is important to have complete information about it first. We are giving you complete information about such a special business, by starting which you can earn 4000 rupees per day. That is, lakhs of rupees per month. This business is for … Read more

Business opportunities start Corn Flakes Business and earn daily 5000 rupees check how details here varpat

New Delhi. If you are preparing to start a business, then we are giving you such a profitable business idea, in which you can easily earn up to Rs 4,000 in a day. The biggest feature of this business is that there is no separate training in it. In this, one can easily earn Rs … Read more

Suicide of Business Persons and Daily Wage Earners increases past year due to Corona Pandemic

Due to the Corona epidemic, the livelihood of thousands of people has been threatened. Due to this there has also been a huge increase in poverty in India. This is clearly visible in the suicide statistics of NCRB as well. Not only did people face health-related problems due to the Corona pandemic, but it also … Read more

Haryana News: Haryana Hindi News | Daily Haryana Hindi News | Latest Haryana News in Hindi

Aries (Sheep) Aries people, your day will be mixed today. Co-workers will get support at the workplace. In husband and wife…Read more Taurus (Taurus) Taurus people, today you will get success in business. There can also be travel in connection with business…….Read more Gemini (Gemini) Gemini people, today you can get success in some important … Read more