Indore: There Are Thieves Who Steal On Demand…sometimes They Go By Sports Bike And Sometimes By Bus, Hundreds Of Bikes Stolen In One And A Half Year… – Indore Crime News: There Are Thieves Who Do It On Demand They are stolen…sometimes they go by sports bike and sometimes by bus, hundreds of bikes stolen in one and a half year

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Government Should Implement Punjab Pay Commission Demand Science Teacher Association

hear the news hear the news Sundernagar (Mandi). The virtual meeting of the executive committee of Himachal Pradesh Science Teachers Association District Mandi was held under the chairmanship of President Bhim Singh Thakur. General Secretary Bhup Singh Saini said that after passing the resolution, he termed the new pay scale as disappointing. This pay scale … Read more

How to Start Courier service business for earning money | Amazing business idea, starting this business will earn millions, rapidly increasing demand

Business Idea: With online business, the demand for companies providing courier service is also increasing rapidly these days. It is to be seen that the courier companies are also growing fast according to the need, but despite that there is a huge demand for the courier companies. Starting a courier service in Delhi or adjoining … Read more

Start a business earning lakhs of rupees with government help sitting at home, demand will never be less

Business Idea: If you consider it necessary to check before starting any business, how big is its market and how many opportunities are there in it. If such research is done earlier, then the risk of loss is less. But is there any business which does not need to do market research before starting it? … Read more

Sugarcane Waste Packaging Materials Business; Startup Marketing Model, Budget and Earning | UP’s Ved makes plates and packaging material from sugarcane waste, annual turnover of 200 crores, demand abroad too

Hindi News Db original Sugarcane Waste Packaging Materials Business; Startup Marketing Model, Budget And Earning New Delhi32 minutes ago In India, there is a lot of sugarcane cultivation in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka. This generates huge amount of sugarcane waste every year. Managing it is a difficult task for the farmers. Sometimes … Read more

Farmers can earn more by duck farming in poultry business know all about best variety of this bird for egg purpose battakh palan | There are better opportunities for farmers in duck farming, the demand for eggs is increasing due to health awareness

Ducks account for 10 percent of the country’s total poultry. But due to increasing health awareness, the consumption of its meat and eggs is increasing. Due to this demand, the doors of opportunity are opening in duck farming. Duck farming has more earning opportunities than poultry farming. In our country, chicken and duck eggs are … Read more

Business Standard – Demand for the cement industry expected to improve

Aditi Diwekar / Mumbai January 02, 2022 The construction sector is about to start a busy season and brokerages are optimistic about recovery in demand and recovery of prices in the domestic cement sector. The Emkay Research report said, “Input prices have shown slight improvement in the recent past, but a sustained recovery in demand … Read more

Phone Cover Making Business This business is in great demand in the new year

Phone Cover Making Business Start this business with only 2.5 thousand rupees, it gives 70 to 80 percent earnings. First of all, friends, wishing you a very happy new year, it is requested to all of you that once again Corona has started knocking, in such a situation, leave the house for very important works … Read more