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Vicky The wedding rituals of Kaushal and Katrina Kaif will begin from today. Last night, Katrina and Vicky reached Chauth Ka Barwara town of Sawai Madhopur district amid tight security arrangements by the police. The wedding place in this town is Six Senses Fort Barwara. By road from Jaipur in three luxury cars, Katrina-Vicky along … Read more

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Talking about her plans for children, Priyanka Chopra says- ‘Children are a big part of our desire for the future. Whatever happens, happens by the grace of God. But, when told that she and Nick Jonas lead very busy lifestyles. So Priyanka says- ‘No, we are not too busy to practice.’ Entertainment News Live Update: … Read more

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As the finale of Bigg Boss 15 is approaching, the changes happening in the house are taking people by surprise. Bigg Boss is bringing new twists in the house every day, due to which the stir in the house is increasing. In the last episode, Shamita Shetty, who became the captain of the house, was … Read more

Entertainment Live News Update 12 january Hemant Birje narrowly survived in road accident EntPKS

Teaser release of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Selfie’Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is making a splash in his every film. Fans are very fond of his unique style. Now actor Akshay Kumar will be accompanied by Emraan Hashmi. The fresh pairing of Akshay and Emraan is going to be seen on the big screen soon. Both are coming … Read more

Human Lifespan Increase: Canadian Scientists Claim Humans May Live Up To 180 Years By 2100

Highlights Scientists say that the day is not far when humans will live for 130 years Scientists from Canada’s HEC Montreal say that this is going to happen in 80 years. By the year 2100, the record of the world’s oldest living person may be broken. TorontoUsually a person wants to enjoy retirement after earning … Read more

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The Khabri has given this information about Bigg Boss 15. Recently, Salman Khan had informed the fans and family members about the extension of the show by a week, due to which everyone was very happy. But, the information that Atul Kapoor, who gave voice to Bigg Boss, is corona positive, has increased the concern … Read more

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South’s superstar Mahesh Babu is Corona positive and is in isolation these days. These days are very difficult for Mahesh Babu and his family fighting the battle with Corona. Meanwhile, another sad news has come out from his family. Mahesh Babu’s elder brother Ramesh Babu Garu has passed away. On 8 January, he took his … Read more

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These days the news of many stars coming to Corona positive has created a stir in the entire entertainment world. Now the Kovid 19 report of Director Priyadarshan has also come positive (Priyadarshan tested positive for COVID-19). Director Priyadarshan, who has directed more than 95 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi and different languages, is … Read more

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Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar also could not escape from this havoc. His Kovid 19 report has come positive (Swara Bhaskar tested covid 19 positive). He has given information about his being Kovid 19 positive on social media. Swara has isolated herself at home and expressed hope that everything will be fine soon. The finale initiative … Read more

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TV The popular actress of Delnaaz Irani Corona Positive got infected with Corona two days ago. His corona report came positive. Now the corona report of his co-actress Yamini Singh has also come positive. Yamini plays the character of Sunanda in the serial ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Mein’. The corona report of both has come on … Read more