People Performed Havan In Muzaffarpur To ‘escape’ Corona, Said – Scientist Failed, We Do Not Trust Science Ann | Bihar News: To ‘escape’ Corona, people performed Havan in Muzaffarpur, said

Muzaffarpur: Corona infection is spreading very fast in the state and the country. Millions of people are getting infected everyday. In such a situation, people are raising questions on medical science on one hand. On the other hand, all the scientists are constantly trying to find a surefire remedy for corona. But in the midst … Read more

‘The Mad Scientist’ AB de Villiers – The player who changed the science of cricket

January 18, 2015 Location- Johannesburg The match was going on between South Africa and West Indies. The South African batsmen were flouting the West Indies bowlers in the traditional way. The West Indies team, which created awe in the minds of batsmen around the world with its pace battery in the 80s, was itself in … Read more

Mini Scientist Chose Experiments, Creativity Reflected In Science Fest

Virtual Science Fest at ITM Global School Gwalior.Student Akashdeep Gill experimented with a candle, a plate, a glass and water to show how atmospheric pressure works. He lit the candle and covered it with glass. As soon as the flame is extinguished, the water from the plate automatically goes into the glass due to pressure … Read more

science news: What are scientists from all over the world working on together – scientist from around the globe are working on these research projects

New DelhiNothing is impossible in the world of science. You can think of growing the sun in the lab, creating the atmosphere up to a star or the universe, but the farther you think, the more money and time it will take. This is the reason that in today’s date, no one company or country … Read more